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"Learning the PI® enabled our leaders to more effectively manage and motivate our people. The PI® gave us a ‘common language’ for openly discussing challenges and identifying winning strategies."
Michael M. Keating, Senior Vice President,Human Resources,
Suburban Propane
"The ROI across the organization has been far greater with the commitment to AUGUR INC.’s programs by the executive management team. It has been illuminating, fun and well worth our time.
David Hickey," CEO and President,
Boon Corporation
“...better understanding of what drives our employees.”
Dan Hirschfeld, President,
Genesis Rehabilitation Services
“The fact that we have had a 15-year relationship with AUGUR INC. speaks for itself.”
Don Ohnigian, Vice President,
C2Media Corporation
“...crucial tools which have enabled us to place the right people into the right jobs.”
Victoria Cerami, CEO and Chairman of the Board
Cerami & Associates