Sales Assessment Drives Sales Performance. In order to improve sales performance, organizations must be armed with concrete data that accurately reflects your sales environment. The Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT) quantifies the sales skills of your sales people with objective data on 25 aspects of consultative selling. The data can be used for more targeted training, coaching and performance management. The SSAT gives sales executives the tools necessary to evaluate sales skills at the individual, team and company-wide levels.

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What is the SSAT™?

The Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT) is a proven, diagnostic instrument specifically designed to quantify the sales and judgment skills of each member of the sales team. The SSAT contains 25 targeted questions to assess the critical selling skills essential to all selling processes. What is SSAT Measuring?

The SSAT is measuring the 5 core sales skills required for a customer-focused and consultative sales process.

  1. Open: Explores how to build trust and credibility by setting verbal agendas, handling early objections and managing client expectations.
  2. Investigate: Examines how to accurately assess the situation and uncover the client’s needs through strategic questioning, listening skills and the examination of their decision making criteria.
  3. Present: Encompasses how to link your capabilities to the client situation through strategic value articulation, differentiation and the appropriateness of your solutions.
  4. Confirm: Uncovers how to ask for the business, handle objections, gain agreement and win the business, even when there are multiple decision makers.
  5. Position: Focuses on how to build long-term customers for life, including referral strategies, cross selling and customer relationship management.

Since sales situations vary, is there more than one assessment?

Yes. The SSAT is available in many versions to accommodate various sales positions and industries. Custom editions are available upon request. The current offering includes: