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We help organizations
maximize their talent
and improve
their business performance.


AUGUR INC. is a management consulting firm founded in 1996. We are trusted advisors to companies ranging in size from start-ups to global corporations. Our primary goal is to help clients lead, manage, motivate and develop their people by objectively understanding them from a behavioral perspective and measuring their performance. We accomplish this by listening to, and understanding the needs of, each client in order to provide them with the appropriate science-based tools and solutions for improving their sales and operational effectiveness, more fully engaging their work force and increasing productivity across the enterprise. We help our clients build their people capabilities and leadership skills at every level of the organization.

Our Mission

To partner with our clients to achieve improved, measurable and sustainable performance results with their most competitive advantage: PEOPLE.

Our Core Values

Headquartered in New Jersey

AUGUR INC. is located within the greater New York - New Jersey metropolitan area and is the exclusive licensee in New Jersey